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Corporate Art Sales

Corporate Art

Corporate artwork should benefit company's image, entertain and contribute to business's purpose, as well as have lasting value. Practical concerns like ease in maintenance and usability are also taken into account.


Corporate Art Commissioning

The process of commissioning a piece of corporate art begins with giving as much information as possible about what you like and what you're looking for, including the following: what the piece of corporate art is for, the size of the piece(s), the format and composition of the piece(s), as well as the price, shipping and installation.

We abide by contract that covers artwork, payment schedules, date of completion, shipping and installation agreements, plus ownership and copyright clauses, etc. that is in agreement with the client.


Corporate Art


We firmly believe that an artwork should attract positive energy for the space it is displayed in, the people, and the company as whole. Corporate artwork should decorate, create vibrations of harmony and prosperity, and bring joy and inspiration.

Correctly selected and displayed corporate artwork creates positive working and living environment, and some believe brings business and profits for the company, and contributes to well-being of people.


Since 2002 "California Image" web gallery presents contemporary artistic photography and features scenic pictures portraying natural beauty of California, and other great locations around the world. We provide general and corporate art photography services, as well as artwork production and installation services.

Let California Image enhance your company's image. We can help you select unique artistic photo images that work as single pieces as well as groups, and make it work with your existing design elements, taste and budget. We handle professional printing and framing services, art shipping and installation.


We can decorate offices of your company with beautiful art photography from the world of "California Image".


Corporate Art


We have worked with businesses of all sizes, all across the country and around the world. California Image clients include large corporations, hotels, media companies, publishers, as well as art dealers and collectors, interior decorators, companies and individuals.

What is a better way to express your company's views and interests than with our extraordinary images?

There are numerous ways to use our photography to illustrate your company's image and ideas:

  • Corporate Reports
  • Commercial Displays
  • Stationary and Logos
  • Invitations
  • Calendars
  • Post Cards
  • Interior Decor
  • Corporate Collections
  • Customer gifts
  • Corporate Offices
  • Hotel Suites & Reception Areas

Our ever growing portfolio contains hundreds of images that focus on California, as well as other scenic locations.

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Please contact us with your questions and quote requests concerning photography and photo services, or to discuss your unique needs:

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