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Copyright Information :

This website, the design, code, and all photos (except where specifically noted) are copyright Vladi Sytnik ( and California Image / imageKandi Design ( / and will be referred as California Image in the document. All rights reserved. Photographs may NOT be reproduced for any reason without written permission.

California Image is a Trade and Service Mark of California Image Photography Gallery.

DISCLAIMER: This website contains images that, while copyrighted and owned by California Image, may contain representations of material belonging to other third parties, including possible copyrights, trademark or service marks. In all cases, California Image claims no connection, association, arrangements, or agreements with the holders of such third party copyright, trademark, or service marks. Under no circumstances is the display of these images meant to cause any confusion as to the source or origin of such material, or to draw any direct or implied connection or association between California Image and the owners of such marks or copyrighted material. Furthermore, California Image and the photographer do not endorse any such owner of third party rights, nor does California Image and the photographer claim to be endorsed by any such third party.


Licensing :

License fees for one-time, exclusive, or unlimited use vary greatly depending on the specific type of use, i.e. Commercial Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, or Paper Products. Pricing reflects industry standards, and can include discounts for use of multiple images, or multiple use of a single image. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

If you'd like a price quote for a use, simply contact us -

For Licensing Fees please read the below guidelines:

Licensing fees are based on exact use. Fees are quoted based on specific use including: Size, placement, circulation, distribution (local, national, or international), length of display time, and uniqueness of the image. None of California Image photographs has appeared in any clip art collection.

Corporate Art Sales

For a quote on licensing please include in your email:

Name of image;
Electronic or print use;
Size and resolution of image needed;
Editorial use, corporate use, advertising use, or personal use.

Also add:

Length of display: One time non-exclusive, one month, six months, one year or other. Size of press run if use is print.

If use is for a web page: Location of image, such as home page, secondary linked page or banner advertising on a secondary site.

Print types: You can order professionally (Lab) printed custom prints, on high quality archival paper (we use wonderful FUJIFILM Fujicolor Crystal Archive), suitable for framing and printed to your specifications of most images on this site, including all scenery and landscape images. Please specify matte or glossy prints. You should email your request to:

Print pricing:

Prices for photo prints can be seen here: Print Prices

Request a quote:



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About Artist

Vladi Sytnik ( — artist photographer, with background in visual arts and graphic design, worked in New York City in the 90's, currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Some of the clients include: Warner Brothers, Vanity Fair, Marriott, UCR California Museum of Photography, Los Angeles Magazine, dealers, corporations and individuals.


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